5 tips to make your home beautiful

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Add tactile details

Tactile features, such as small imperfections on the surface of a piece, add charm and personality.


Use natural stone

It should be used appropriately and accurately, and not as a flippant gimmick. This material must be approached thoughtfully.


Clearly define work and play spaces

Designers are advising clients to create completely different interiors for their home offices than before the pandemic, because now, more than ever, they must be isolated from family spaces.


Furnish your home with local furniture

Furniture from international companies is becoming more expensive and taking longer to ship, so it is recommended to look for local manufacturers and designers.


Snatch things at auctions

The growth in popularity of finding items at auctions will become noticeable in the coming year. Antiques in combination with modern items form those actual combinations that are typical for new multi-layered interiors.


Eclectic combinations

More details, interesting, unexpected discoveries, and perhaps less minimalism. Bolder, more material, more thorough.

The house is no longer exclusively a private area, as it simultaneously serves as a workshop, film set, and office. It has become an adaptable space that can perform many functions – and this must be taken into account when planning new spaces for living and working.