Cave Restaurant and House Designed by Junya Ishigami

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Japanese architect Junya Ishigami completed an unusual project that he had been working on for nine years. This is a house restaurant, reminiscent of a cave.


Initially, the architect intended that the walls of the building retain the texture of rough concrete. However, when workers began clearing the dirt around the backfilled areas, some of the dirt stuck to the concrete and created a beautiful natural finish.


The restaurant and living space are separated by three small courtyards. You can move between them through the central courtyard. The restaurant provides five seats at the main counter, and 12 small tables are arranged in a cavernous interior.


The house, which also looks like a cave, has two bedrooms, a large open space with a dining table, and a living room. In a small kitchen, the countertop and sink are made of polished cast concrete.


All gaps between uneven structures were 3D scanned so that window and door frames could be accurately manufactured to fit each opening.


This project is markedly different from its traditional surroundings. Ishigami turned the family home into a strangely shaped lake visible from the outside. The organic contours of the house are barely visible from the ground, and only at the entrance to the cave does the sculptural intent become apparent.