Paul Cocksedge: materials of the future – wood and light

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Paul Cocksedge (b. 1978), the most technologically advanced and poetic designer of his generation, has several educations, one of them in the field of physics. Cocksedge specializes in connecting the unconnected. Metaphorical thinking is close to him, he has been looking for years for a way to convey a poetic metaphor with the help of complex chemical or physical processes translated into the language of design.

Design thinking I recently learned that the new iPhones have chips the size of an atom – which means you can’t see them. For any person, this fact is exciting. But it can also be a frightening reminder of how far we all (including myself) are from cutting-edge technology. On the one hand, humanity is very slow in solving the environmental problems it faces.

Now of all the concepts that really matter and solve the immediate problem – how to create a global vaccine against Covid-19. Obviously, the biggest challenge is producing the vaccine itself, but there are many logistical challenges to get it to different locations around the world. It is design thinking that can help with this problem.

About the future and ecology The most impressive technology for me continues to be the Internet and its ability to spread knowledge and serve development. However, it is also important to look at its dark side – how it can be used to manipulate and profit from vulnerable people.