Pavilion “World Space” Tadao Ando

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Tadao Ando’s Space of Light is the second meditation pavilion opened at the SAN Museum in Wonju, South Korea. It is an addition to the contemplative series of the Japanese master of architecture, embodying his signature style characterized by concrete, light and integration with nature.

At first glance, the pavilion is reminiscent of another famous work of the architect – his Church of Light in Osaka. However, the key difference between the two designs is the placement of the cross-shaped opening.

The pavilion was built to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the SAN Museum, a cultural center in the mountainous region of Gangwon Province. Ando, ​​who also designed the entire campus (it opened in 2013), was commissioned by the museum’s director to create a one-of-a-kind museum that would become a focal point for visitors (it’s a two-hour drive from Seoul).